From Sunrise to Sunset

       "We have one solid comfort amidst this little tripping about: our hearts can always be in the same place, centered in God,                                                                 for whom alone we go forward or stay back."                                                                                                     Catherine McAuley/Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy               



Are you Planning a Special Event?

Need a Unique..."One-of-a-Kind" Gift?

Consider some of the Possibilities offered on this site.

Each will be presented as a God-Centered Experience & Treasure!


Program Covers 


Prayer Celebrations

Sacramental Retreats

Spiritual Days


Bulletin Boards

Power-Point Prayer Rituals/ Audio & Video

Funeral and Wedding Programs 

Funeral Prayer Cards

Personalized Baptismal Beeswax Candles

Card Designs for all Occasions and Seasons

Extraordinary Gifts

                         If you have a Dream, let's bring it to Life and God's Glory                       

Through word, story, art, and music...We tap into life's timeless themes that connect us to all of humanity and divinity. 

  These God-Given Gifts express the depth and truth of our lives.

Let us...Proclaim God's On-Going Word throughout all Creation. 

I am sure I can be of service.

Come, Let Us Walk Together From God's Sunrise to Sunset.


Moments with God 



I Love You

more than...the Sun

the Moon...


all the Stars above!